Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fingerspelling wordfind!

Awesome printable from lifeprint : "Fingerseeks" are Dr. Bill's version of fingerspelling "word search" worksheets. Feel free to make copies for use with your students. You can access them online or on most PCs you may download them by right clicking and choosing "Save target as..."

Looking for new ASL printable files

I'm on the lookout this week to update with some new sign language printables. I'll get them listed as I collect them!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Deaf web-quest

Wow. There is a lot of information here. Its an old page but I only found one link on it that wasn't good. This is one way to surf "all things Deaf" or just about all things! The first link listed on the page has an impressive amount of information about any subject relating to deafness and hearing loss. For students the opening page serves as a worksheet that you may fill in and print as you gather information.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


What is a relay service? A relay service allows you to carry on a conversation from a computer to a telephone through an operator. One person types, the operator reads the typed message to the person on the phone. The operator also types what the person on the phone says so that the one at the computer can read it. The link above will connect you to i711, Its a free relay service even for long distance calls. Give it a try as part of your deaf culture lesson for the day.

Baby hear?

If you are hearing is it socially acceptable to ask a deaf stranger if their children can hear? Maybe it depends on why you want to know!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Too bad my camera is not working

Want a good laugh? Explain to a child the concept of non-manual markers. Specifically, You need to raise your eyebrows when you ask a yes - or - no question. You also need to lower your eyebrows when you ask a "Wh" question. Then ask the child to ask (sign) you a question and use the correct expression. Have the child perform this for friends and family! If you need help with some questions, try ASL University or one of the dictionary links. Let me know how it goes!

Monday, March 21, 2005


Here is a fingerspelling postcard you can print on heavy paper and mail. I'm not familiar with the last two signs, maybe someone can let me know where they originated and if they are widely used.


Cute site put together to help you, or your kids learn the fingerspelling alphabet and numbers.Be sure and check out the digital clock (get it? digital? Yea, I know that was bad.)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Thanks Tom!

Three year old saves Mom useing Sign Language! Wonderful Story. Now does everyone know the sign for "Help"?

Hello again!

On the sidebar you will see an add for "The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary" I really like this dictionary because it is a useful tool for learning ASL signs one hand shape at a time. Even better it solves the problem of seeing a sign you don't know, but having no way to look it up! Our ASL class at the library is looking into getting some, possibly through a fundraiser. If you are interested in donating a copy or funds towards a copy please let me know!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fingerspelling practice

This page is from the John A. Logan College Interpreter preparation program. It contains 9 pages of words that include all the letter patterns in the english language. If you click the link "View Flash Movie" is has some good fingerspelling advice as well.


Here you can subscribe to a great email newsletter put together by Bill Vicars. He is the guy from the ASL University. He has a wonderful teaching style. If you are not interested in recieving the group email you are able to look through past issues here. I would recomend signing up, there is one issue though, it seems that if you click "subscribe" on the site it takes you to the "unsubscribe" link. So if you want to subscribe just send a blank email to this address:

Fingerspelling Ain't Easy

I couldn't agree more. I enjoyed this article. It is about teaching young deaf children to fingerspell early. It is a good encouragement for all of us who would like to wear a name tag for the rest of our lives and invent a sign for everything! Along with this document there are many links to others you may find of interest here.